Theatre School at MTYP

Last season, the Musical Theatre Company's The Arcadians was a steampunk twist on a classic story full of mystical mayhem, the Junior Company performed a new version of the Greek story of Pegasus written by our very own Theatre School Director, Kent Suss and The Young Company took a stab at the Greek tradegy, Antigone complete with Masks and Greek Chorus. These are just a few of the great things that were accomplished last year at MTYP; students of all ages astonished us at every turn.

Along with a wide range of courses for students age 3 - 19 in creative drama, acting, film, puppetry, and musical theatre, we have identified some exciting new challenges for our students to take on in the coming year. Students in film classes and the Musical Theatre Company will learn the essentials of writing and recording music to use in their projects and performances. Those ambitious teens ready to push themselves past the borders of what they already know can sign up for our new Playwriting course. And onstage in our theatre, the Young Company will be a part of the Master Playwright Festival in The Devil and Anton Chekhov, a Faustian comedy in February.

If you want to have fun trying something new, while developing self-confidence and performance skills, you'll find what you're looking for here at MTYP.

We look forward to serving you with courtesy and excellence in the coming year - please drop us a line and let us know how things are going.

Sincerely, your theatre school staff:

Kent Suss, Theatre School Director
Loc Lu, Drama Outreach Coordinator
Theatre School Administrator,

Classes at MTYP

MTYP's Theatre School offers Fall, Winter,

and Spring sessions. We also offer a

Winter, Spring, and Summer camps.

We offer classes for ages three and up

in acting for film and stage, filmmaking,

musical theatre, improvisation, puppetry,

and much more! Students in all classes

have the opportunity to perform their work

in front of an audience.

Click here for a full list of classes.

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Theatre school shows

Throughout the year, MTYP students work hard to put together a number of great productions. Click here for more information.


Tap into your creative potential and make the friends of a lifetime at Manitoba Theatre for Young People's Theatre School. Whether you're passionate about pursuing a life of acting, or just want to have fun putting on plays and making movies with your new friends, MTYP is the place for you!

The thrill of performing is a big part of what makes our theatre program fun. Students in all classes have the opportunity to present their work to an audience. Young people ages 9 and up are invited to audition for one of MTYP's student companies; The Junior Company, Musical Theatre Company, Shakespeare Company, and Young Company perform on stage with full costumes, props, lighting, and scenery provided by our professional production team.

Young people involved in theatre activities grow in confidence and social skills and develop their capacity to express themselves creatively. Many tell the story of how being involved in a theatre production was the best time they ever had.

MTYP offers financial assistance for those who would otherwise not be able to participate in our programs. Click here to download a bursary application form.