Junior Division

Young people in this age range thrive on the creative environment of acting classes, and love to play characters and put on plays.  Every course ends in a class performance for family and friends.

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Junior Acting

What is acting about?  How do you begin?  This course gives you the chance to build your acting skills through dramatic exercises and creative movement.  Learn to share ideas and invent scenes through improvisation and teamwork.  Join the fun of imagining, learning, and performing together with new friends who love to act, just like you! 

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This performance-oriented class advances your skills in the essentials of acting.  Improvisation training, acting workshops, rehearsing scripts, and onstage performance are key steps in your journey to becoming an actor. Each Showtime! class rehearses and performs a scripted play for an invited audience at the end of the year. 
Prerequisite: Junior Acting

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Actors with experience in Junior Acting and Showtime! are ready for this exciting LEVEL 3 challenge!  Work as part of a company of actors in the creation of a brand new play:  you come up with the ideas and invent the characters, as an instructor/playwright guides you towards a public performance of a world premiere!  You’ll continue to develop core acting skills while using improvisation to generate convincing characters and compelling scenes.  At the end of the course, you’ll invite an audience of family and friends to see the play you have made!

Prerequisite: Junior Acting and Showtime!

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Actor's Workshop

Offered only in spring, this course is a unique opportunity to work with an acting coach on everything an actor needs to know.  From audition methods and voice training to mime and stage movement, actors will have fun bringing their skills to the next level.
Prerequisite: Junior Acting

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Every Fall and Winter musical theatre class will perform on stage as part of The Wizards' Academy Gala Recital on March 13 & 14, 2015 in the MTYP theatre. 


Musical Theatre for 7 & 8 year-olds

Does your child burst into song and dance whenever company arrives?  Especially designed for children age 7 and 8 who would love the chance to perform, this course combines songs, stories, and creative movement.  We’ll act out the best-loved children’s stories of all time and have fun adding music and movement as we go!

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Musical Theatre Ensemble Level 1
9-12 years

Have you been dreaming of Broadway? Start here with a course for those who are up for the challenge of acting, singing and dancing -- all at the same time! Come share the fun of learning choreography and performing chorus numbers from your favourite musicals. 

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Musical Theatre Ensemble Level 2
10-12 years

Do you enjoy big musical numbers and working with a chorus of energetic actors, singers and dancers? This course is designed for students who have experience in this style of theatre and want to further their skills in voice, acting, and choreography.

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Lights, Camera, Action!

Film and video classes area great way to see your work in the world-wide web and on the big screen! Film projects will be posted on MTYP's Vimeo account so you can share them with your friends and watch them anytime you want. Our student films have won awards at festivals and are screened at events throughout the year. A great way to share your skills and creativity with a wide audience! Note the new puppet and prop course in this section.



Put all your skills into play as you write, act, and record your own movies. Work on both sides of the camera under the guidance of a professional filmmaker and gain hands-on experience in the many aspects of video production. Actor, director or videographer... try on all these hats and see which one fits best!  Prerequisite: minimum of 2 years of Theatre School instruction.

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Animation Adventures

Discover the vibrant art of stop-motion animation from storyboard to finished movie.  Create characters from modeling clay and get ready to make magic.  Not just for actors, this course is for anyone who likes to draw, sculpt, or simply watch cartoons.

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Sam's Prop & Puppet Shop

Join MTYP’s professional Head of Props, Samantha Harrison, in this handson course! Learn the techniques the pros use to make theatre magic. You’ll work with paper mache, wire, wood, and more to make performing puppets and perfect props! Your unique creations will be featured in student performances in spring 2015, so you can see your work onstage and under lights!

In the first term, projects will focus on using a wide range of materials in the construction of puppets and masks. In the second term, students will create props especially for upcoming theatre school productions.

Open to beginner and advanced puppeteers.

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The Junior Company

Do you love to perform? Is acting in an onstage production your idea of the best time ever? If you answered “yes!”, the Junior Company is for you. Here’s an exciting opportunity to develop your acting and performance skills.

Popular past productions include Nightmares, Pegasus, The Snow Queen, Dragon of the Winds, and many more!

Always a smashing success, The Junior Company guides young actors through an intensive rehearsal process that culminates in a public performance. Script analysis, voice training, and movement for the stage are part of this intensive project, designed for young people who enjoy performing.

The commitment level for this course is high – students are expected to miss no more than two prearranged rehearsals or classes all year.

Please prepare a one-minute monologue for your audition.

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The Musical Theatre Junior Ensemble

Are you dedicated to developing your triple threat skills: acting, singing, and dancing? Are you  passionate about and performing? If so, this new performance company is for you. Students will be guided through an intensive training and rehearsal process that culminates in a series of performances of a live musical for family and

The commitment level for this course is high – students are expected to miss no more than two prearranged rehearsals or classes all year.

Please prepare to sing a song, a capella, for your audition.

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