Tuesday, October 14, 2014

MEDIA RELEASE: MTYP Presents Jabber by Marcus Youssef, October 15-23, 2014

WINNIPEG (14 October 2014) – Manitoba Theatre for Young People (MTYP) presents Jabber, a powerful drama for teens that tells the story of Fatima and Jorah, two teens who form an unlikely relationship given their different interests and cultural backgrounds. Specifically selected to coincide with the opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Jabber deals with challenging issues such as discrimination and domestic abuse, inviting audiences to re-examine their own assumptions and expectations.

Synopsis: When anti-Muslim graffiti targets hijab-wearing Fatima, her strict parents have her transferred to a new high school. Socially disconnected, she finds an unlikely friend in Jorah, a boy with a reputation for anger issues. As friendship blossoms into romance, they are forced to confront stereotypes, boundaries, and the consequences of their actions. Thought-provoking, comedic and sometimes dark, Jabber offers teens and adults of all ages significant food for thought.

“In this play, we see characters trapped by what has been said about them, whether true or not. We see how words can be powerful and hurtful,” says Ann Hodges, who is directing her first MTYP production. “Yet, what I like so much about Jabber, is that both in the play and in life, it allows us to imagine and propose other possibilities. Thank you to Marcus Youssef for writing such a compelling play and to MTYP for continuing to program thought-provoking, powerful theatre for teen audiences.”

With Jabber, MTYP continues its mission to bring real issues facing young people today to the stage, encouraging audiences to talk openly about the challenges that they face in everyday life. The production starts its run on the MTYP mainstage from October 15 to 23, 2014. It will then go on tour across the province, playing to over 20,000 students. Jabber is suitable for youth ages 12 to 18, and adults of all ages.

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Media Contact:

Martin Lussier, Marketing and Communications Manager
Manitoba Theatre for Young People
Office: 204-954-1702
Mobile: 204-890-6757




Kristian Jordan

Jorah / Girl

Adele Noronha


Cory Wojcik

Mr. Evans / Melissa

Artistic Team

Marcus Youssef


Ann Hodges


Sean McMullen

Set, Costume, and Properties Designer

Hugh Conacher

Lighting and Video Designer

Joseph Aragon


JoAnna Black

Stage Manager


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Sunday, September 07, 2014

MTYP Annual General Meeting set for October 7, 2014

On behalf of the Secretary of the Board of Directors, Manitoba Theatre for Young People would like to invite its membership and members of the public to its Annual General Meeting (AGM), scheduled for October 7, 2014 to take place at 2 Forks Market Road, in Winnipeg Manitoba.

Further details on the AGM will be posted on the MTYP website as well as in the Winnipeg Free Press.

Questions/inquiries may be directed to:

Martin Lussier
Marketing and Communications Manager
204-947-0394 ext 226

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Thursday, July 31, 2014

MEDIA RELEASE: Pablo Felices-Luna Appointed as MTYP's Artistic Director

MTYP in good hands as seasoned artistic director takes the reigns 

WINNIPEG (July 31, 2014) - Manitoba Theatre for Young People’s Board of Directors announces the appointment of Pablo Felices-Luna as its Artistic Director, effective 15 November 2014.

Felices-Luna brings to MTYP a wealth of experience in theatre for young audiences, both as an artistic director and in the development of new works. He holds a B.F.A. in Theatre from the University of Victoria and an M.F.A. in directing from York University. He served as Artistic Director of Castlemoon Theatre from 2001-2006, and at St. Catharines’ Carousel Players from 2007 until recently accepting his new role with MTYP. Felices-Luna has a great passion for high-quality work for young audiences and his background in street performance imbues his work with great energy and dynamism.

Selected artistic highlights with Carousel Players include Spelling 2-5-5, by Jennifer Overton, which brings audiences into the world of Simon who struggles with all the attention his autistic brother needs, and The Incredible Speediness of Jamie Cavanaugh, by Chris Craddock, which tells the story of a young girl who thinks her ADHD is the power of super speed. Felices-Luna is familiar to MTYP, having served as an Assistant Director of three MTYP shows in 2002: The Odyssey; The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe, and Mirror Game.  

Felices-Luna is thrilled at the opportunity to make an impact in the lives of young Manitobans.  "I have three children of my own under the age of six.  My wife and I are thrilled to bring them up in a community that offers so many empowering experiences in the arts.  MTYP has transformed the lives of millions of children and their families, and I am beyond grateful to the Board of Directors for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this great creative enterprise.  I cannot wait to continue learning about imagination and creative play from children, parents, educators and artists in Manitoba.”

“We are delighted to welcome Pablo to the team.  Pablo is the unanimous choice of the Board of Directors and we are convinced he will build on our recent successes," says Gloria Koop, president of MTYP’s Board of Directors.  "He is perfectly placed to lead the ambitious plans that MTYP has for the coming years, and sustain and expand the extraordinary work that we do here.  Pablo brings a wealth of knowledge and experience, particularly as it relates to theatre for young audiences."

The Board of Directors would like to thank all who applied and took part in facilitating the selection process. Max Reimer, who currently serves as MTYP’s interim Artistic Director, will remain on staff as the leadership transition occurs over the coming weeks.

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Media Contact:

Martin Lussier, Marketing and Communications Manager
Manitoba Theatre for Young People
Office: 204-954-1702   Mobile: 204-890-6757


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Monday, May 05, 2014

MEDIA RELEASE: Derek Aasland Resigns as MTYP’s Artistic Director

MTYP’s Board of Directors applauds Aasland’s achievements and launches search for successor 

WINNIPEG (May 5, 2014) - Manitoba Theatre for Young People announces the resignation of Artistic Director Derek Aasland, effective 30 June 2014. The Board of Directors would like to thank Aasland for his service to MTYP over his 16-month tenure, where his dedication and insightful leadership have been instrumental in stabilizing the company and in helping the Board set into motion a strategic plan for MTYP’s future.

Aasland returned to MTYP in March of 2013, assuming the role of Executive Producer to guide the company through a challenging point in its history. Drawing on his experience as MTYP’s Associate Artistic Director and Assistant General Manager from 2006 to 2010, Aasland moved quickly to eliminate short-term financial strain and to foster a leadership culture focused on both stewardship and artistic excellence. Under his leadership, MTYP was able to post a surplus in the 2012-13 fiscal year, and is expected to post another surplus at the end of 2013-14.

Aasland has accepted a new position, closer to his family in Ontario.  “This has been a remarkable experience,” reflects Aasland. “The staff, board, and community rallied with incredible dedication to build a new future for MTYP. I couldn’t be prouder to have played my part.”

“Derek is a gifted and passionate leader, whose natural abilities to inspire and direct were a particular asset,” says Gloria Koop, president of MTYP’s Board of Directors. “He has worked tirelessly towards the realization of our vision to be a locally, nationally, and internationally recognized leader dedicated to the enhancement of young people’s lives through the performing arts. His skill and enthusiasm will certainly be missed, and we wish him all the best in his future endeavours.”

The search committee for a new Artistic Director, led by MTYP’s Board of Directors, has begun the process of finding a suitable candidate. Max Reimer has been named interim Artistic Director while the search is completed. Further details will be posted to the organization’s website.

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Media Contact:

Martin Lussier, Marketing and Communications Manager
Manitoba Theatre for Young People
Office: 204-954-1702
Mobile: 204-890-6757


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Thursday, April 17, 2014

MEDIA RELEASE: MTYP's 2014-15 Season: Journey Into the Heart of Imagination

From timeless to timely, magical to meaningful, a world of adventure and discovery awaits at MTYP!

WINNIPEG (April 17,2014) – Come away to Manitoba Theatre for Young People to experience some the greatest stories ever told! From the high-flying Peter Pan to timeless Pinocchio, the inspirational Black Violin to the powerful Jabber, MTYP’s 2014-15 season offers adventure and discovery for audiences of all ages.

The path to discovery begins with MTYP’s production of Jabber, a powerful new play for teens by Marcus Youssef, and is followed in November by Tout à Trac’s Pinocchio, a visually stunning adaptation of the story of the world’s most famous puppet.

The holiday season will see Winnipeg’s Fred Penner reprise the role of the villainous Captain Hook in MTYP’s production of Peter Pan. Sprinkled with spectacular flying and razor sharp sword fights, audiences will not want to miss this awfully big adventure!

Black Violin will get the new year off to a rocking start with their signature mix of classical, hip-hop and pop, while Dennis Foon’s exuberant and touching New Canadian Kid will examine the issues surrounding inter-cultural harmony through the eyes of ‘new kid’ Nick. The critically-acclaimed Theater Terra will bring joy to MTYP’s youngest audiences this Spring Break with their production of Spot, the most famous and beloved little dog in children’s literature. The season wraps up with Kaput starring Australian Tom Flanagan in the story of a clumsy ‘Mr Fixit’ whose hilarious, acrobatic and “dangerously clever” antics will delight audiences both young and old.

“Our 33rd season features an incredible array of theatrical experiences, drawn from around the country and the world, each with a singular artistic footprint,” says MTYP Artistic Director Derek Aasland. “We wanted our audiences to have something spectacular to look forward to all season.” 



Jabber (Oct 15-23, 2014)
Ages 12-18

When anti-Muslim graffiti sees hijab-wearing Fatima ransferred to a new high school, she meets Jorah, a boy with anger issues. They confront stereotypes, boundaries and limits in this “great show to bring any high school age student to.” Charlebois Post Review

Pinocchio (Nov 6-15, 2014)
Ages 5 and up

Embark on a thrilling and spectacular voyage as Pinocchio faces a thousand trials in his quest to become a real boy. “Thrilling and entertaining.” La Presse

Peter Pan (Nov 27-Dec 24, 2014)
Ages 5-12

Come away to Neverland this holiday season for one of the most magical stories ever told! This wondrous adventure is sprinkled with spectacular flying sequences, razor sharp sword fights, a pinch of fairy dust, and features Fred Penner as Captain Hook. “Bowens’ adaptation is magnificent.” Regina Free Press 

Black Violin (Jan 7-17, 2015)
Ages 7 - Teen

Hot on the heels of celebrity collaborations and dropping their second album, Black Violin returns to MTYP for a knock-out performance with an inspiring message. “Black Violin is a living advertisement for creative self-determination.” Winnipeg Free Press

New Canadian Kid (Feb 4-13, 2015)
Ages 6-12

One of Canada’s most produced plays, New Canadian Kid shares Nick’s experience as newcomer: making friends, learning a new language and adapting to change. “Looks at a serious subject in a witty and sympathetic light.” Winnipeg Sun

Spot (Mar 23 - Apr 2, 2015)
Ages 2-7

Join us for show stopping tunes and incredible puppetry in an adventure featuring the most beloved little dog in children’s literature. “You can count on Amsterdam’s Theater Terra to bring local youngsters a stage full of Dutch treats when it visits MTYP.” Winnipeg Free Press 

Kaput (Apr 15-26, 2015)
Ages 5 and up

Hilarious, acrobatic, and “dangerously clever,” Kaput is the story of a clumsy ‘Mr. Fixit’ who cannot help but fuel the catastrophe around him. “Physical comedy at its best.” Entertainment Hive



Read the full media release (PDF)



For more information, to schedule interviews, or to request high resolution photos and multimedia assets, please contact:

Martin Lussier, Marketing and Communications Manager, MTYP

Office: 204-947-0394 ext. 226 | Cell: 204-890-6757 | mlussier@mtyp.ca


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